Innovation & Milestone

🚀 Exciting News from ESIM Chemicals! 🚀  We’re expanding our technology portfolio in Linz with phosphorus trichloride reactions. The journey of developing new complex molecules and seamlessly transferring them into production facilities demands specialized knowledge, innovation, and experience.  ESIM Chemicals has risen to the occasion, enhancing its portfolio in the Linz Chemical Park with a […]

Trade Fairs 2024 ESIM Participations

Mit neuer Energie und Begeisterung begrüßen wir das neue Jahr!
Auch heuer präsentieren wir uns auf verschiedenen Messen in Europa, Amerika und Asien. Dort haben Sie die Möglichkeit, mehr über ESIM Chemicals und unsere Produkte zu erfahren.
Unser Team ist hoch motiviert und freut sich darauf, sich mit unseren geschätzten Partnern auszutauschen. Wir sehen gespannt Ihrer Teilnahme entgegen!

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Auf einem gemeinsamen Weg

Consistent project management is a major important factor at ESIM. The corporate strategy is “Custom manufacturing needs stringent project management”, which means that through the continuous adjustment of the organizational structures, a rigid matrix structure, as it is usual for a chemical company, has become a highly flexible, project-oriented organization. Lukas Schiffmann, deputy head of […]

Operational Excellence im Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing fills an important gap in the business model of chemical and pharmaceutical companies. It is particularly suitable for those products, mainly in the growth phase, which cannot be accommodated by the manufacturing companies itself. ESIM Chemicals has an excellent infrastructure which enables us to offer sophisticated and flexible specialty chemical syntheses outside of the […]