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From hydrogenations to special reagent ///

Hydrogenations are high-yielding, environmentally friendly reduction reactions with a high atom economy, frequently close to 100%.

ESIM Chemicals gives you access to an exceptionally broad range of hydrogenation options:

  • Chemical park wide hydrogen grid
  • Expertise at all scales: small laboratory (1g) to production (10.000 to/yr)
  • Choice of reaction systems:
    • hydrogenation in solution even in corrosive media,
    • solvent-free hydrogenation,
    • heterogeneous or homogeneous catalysis
ESIM Chemicals has extensive experience in large scale / high volume condensation reactions – from simple esterification reactions to selective addition – and ring closure reactions at specific positions of various carbonyl compounds.
ESIM Chemicals is not an expert in halogenation of large volume commodity products but is focused on performing halogenation reactions for advanced products or as part of a multi step synthesis project.
  • Iodine -/ Bromine –  / Chlorine chemistry
  • Use of PCl3 and Thionylchloride as reaction partners

ESIM Chemicals can handle a number of special reagents applied in


  • Oximes and Hydrazides
  • Thio-alcohols and ethers
  • Wittig reactions (also with Acetaldehyde)
  • Diazonium Chemistry


On top of these examples, ESIM is always looking to advance its technical toolbox in line with new custom manufacturing opportunities – so please ask……