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We focus on Operational Excellence ///

Typically, new synthetic processes are created as batch processes in the lab. With growing product volumes, such batch operations sooner or later face limitations, especially with respect to highly exothermic reactions and in unit operations such as extraction and distillation.

ESIM Chemicals has a strong expertise in transforming these batch operations into continuous operations and optimizing the outcome applying Operation Excellence tools.

To foster highly exothermic reactions, ESIM Chemicals is operating a micro reactor on industrial scale.

All ESIM Chemicals production buildings can handle melts in large scale reactions. 
Facilities include a melting chamber for 200 L drums and several heated storage tanks.
For product finalization from a melt, a flaking roll is available.

On top of state of the arte quality, safety, health and environmental standards, ESIM has a proven track record of a strong focus on Operational Excellence.

To ensure continuous advancement, ESIM Chemicals not only holds Six Sigma Black belts but strongly supports the  development of its employees by performing typically 3-6 Green Belt projects at a time.

ESIM Chemicals operates a large variety of distillation equipment including

  • batch reactors with fractional columns,
  • thin film evaporators with fractional columns
  • up to 45 step rectification columns
  • short path distillation equipment

within pressure ranges from  0,002 to 2 bara and a product throughput up to 30 mt/day.

 While others in the industry still experiment with this technology, ESIM Chemicals has already produced several thousands of tons of product in a reactor of the size of a small car engine.

A Superior Approach for Your Most Challenging Reactions

While micro reactors´ drastically reduced footprint compared to traditional equipment is significant, their remarkable efficiency and the stable quality of the delivered product still add more value.

Typical scale up issues are widely avoided as the exact same process is used for pilot batches and production runs based on the modular design.

Unlock the Possibilities of New Reactions

Micro-structured equipment can control extreme conditions (material of construction can be glass, steel, hastelloy or silicon carbide) not manageable with traditional equipment simply because the amount of material being processed at a time is so small.

This leads to highly efficient, stable and inherently safe process operations.