Microreactor Flow Chemistry

It was more than a decade ago a customer needed to dramatically lower their product’s production cost. Our solution: flow chemistry with microreactors. Today, as the industry experiments with this technology, ESIM Chemicals has already manufactured well in excess of 1000 tons of this product alone – in a reactor the size of a small car engine.

Experience to help you maximize the benefits:

  • Higher yields
  • Faster, better-controlled reactions  
  • Choice of glass, steel, hastelloy or silicon carbide
  • Capable of extreme conditions
  • Pilot batches and commercial supply
  • Easy scale-up and reconfigure modular design

A Superior Approach for Your Most Challenging Reactions

Microreactors can replace traditional 10,000-liter vessels. While the cost saving of their drastically reduced footprint is significant, their remarkable efficiency and reliable quality add still more value. Only a small amount of material is processed at a time, rather than a large mass all at once. The result is faster, more efficient reactions that are easier to control and produce higher yields. Quality is tightly controlled by the process itself, which can be easily fine tuned. The exact same process is used for pilot batches and production runs, because scale-up is simply a matter of running the process longer or linking in more reactors.

Unlock the Possibilities of New Reactions

Micro-structured equipment can handle extremely harsh conditions not possible with traditional equipment. That’s because the reactions and the amount of material being processed at any one time are so small. This means that reactions that worked well at lab scale, but were too dangerous or inefficient to be scale-up, are now possible.

This begs the question: “In what conditions will my reaction perform best?” ESIM Chemicals microreactor technology significantly expands the range of feasible answers. Now you can explore new process designs with novel process windows. With a high degree of control, and our years of experience, you can now consider the opportunities enabled by intensified processes and achieve unprecedented productivity.

Make Your Most Complex Processes Safe and Sustainable

Smaller equipment, and not heating and blending thousands of liters of material, requires much less power. Intensified processes with significantly higher efficiency reduce waste and raw material demands. Smaller, well-controlled process conditions are also inherently safer. In short, ESIM Chemicals makes challenging processes safer as well as greener in more ways than one.

Are Microreactors and Flow Chemistry Right for Your Project?

The benefits of flow chemistry are numerous and compelling, but not applicable for every project. We are continually expanding the limits of the technology and the range of possible projects. That’s why it is important to work with a partner like ESIM Chemicals. We have the hands-on experience to guide you through the evolving parameters of what is technically and financially feasible.

While many companies talk a lot about flow chemistry, ESIM Chemicals has been delivering results for years. And while microreactors are making their way into more process development labs, we have mastered them at an industrial scale. Call us today to discuss your project.