We are very honored to have received the prestigious Supplier Award in the category “Sustainability – Reduction in Climate Impact” from our highly valued customer, Syngenta Crop Protection AG. The award ceremony took place at the Syngenta Supplier Dinner on the evening of the first day of the international trade fair for custom manufacturing and fine chemicals, “Chemspec,” in Düsseldorf.

The Business Team, led by our CEO, Dr. Frank Wegener, accepted the award with pleasure, representing ESIM’s team working on the project to significantly reduce CO2 and waste during the production of one of Syngenta’s blockbuster products in Linz, Austria.

Since the start of the learning curve in 2019, the ESIM team was able to decrease production-related CO2 emissions by 46%, equivalent to a reduction of 34 kg CO2 eq. per kg of product. The amount of waste generated was reduced by 80% per kg of product.

As a further result, the team created a general sustainability calculation model that will be applied to other projects in the future. This model will also be part of ESIM’s Sustainability Report, which our company will proactively provide at the beginning of 2025 for the year 2024.

This is not only an important step towards a more environmentally friendly future of chemical production, but a strong focus on the learning curve also offers financial benefits as less raw materials are consumed and waste treatment costs are reduced.

These excellent results are the outcome of the strong dedication to achieving shared successes with our customers, which ESIM’s employees demonstrate in their daily work. This is what drives us and secures our strong custom manufacturing base in Europe.

We want to thank Syngenta Crop Protection AG for their trust, support in the project, and long-term relationship with ESIM.

We are honored to be one of your trusted suppliers and are happy to work towards a more sustainable future together with Syngenta Crop Protection AG.