Success, Custom Tailored to Fit the Unique Needs of Your Business

ESIM Chemicals™ is a global leader in outsourced custom development and manufacturing services for a wide range of industries, particularly crop protection. Our exclusive synthesis capabilities span all phases of the product life cycle from process development to global supply. We have dedicated decades to innovation in complex chemistries and specialized technologies, and our track record for quality and on-time delivery is second to none. These are just some of the reasons why many of the most respected companies in the world put their trust in ESIM Chemicals.

Process development and manufacturing of fine chemicals is all we do. We invest heavily in keeping our extensive facilities up to date with the latest technologies. We maximize these resources with a culture of continual innovation. Together these make us a magnet for the best talent in the business. For you that means infrastructure and teams that would take you years to build are ready to get to work on your project right now.

This is how we help you maximize value:

  • Instant access to a dedicated team of highly experienced experts
  • State-of-the-art facilities and technologies that are ready to go
  • Completely custom solutions, continually optimized
  • Exceptional yields, quality and on-time performance
  • Seamless scale-up for maximum turn-around speed
  • Reduced exposure to risk – financial, regulatory and safety

A strategic partnership with ESIM Chemicals can pay major dividends. You will have immediate access to top-tier technologies, experts and facilities all conveniently located in the heart of Europe. You will enjoy speed, reliability and a flexible approach to your evolving needs. You will be able to execute your process development and manufacturing to the highest standards while keeping your in-house team and resources focused on advancing your core business. You will maximize value with custom solutions that free you to doing everything you do great even better.