ESIM Chemicals


2018 ESIM Chemicals is sold to Sun European Partners.
ESIM Holdings und Management Services is founded.
2015 In September 2015 ESIM Chemicals is established as an independent company focusing on exclusive synthesis and intermediates and is acquired by ARDIAN.
2014 Merger of DSM Pharmaceutical Products (of which DSM Fine Chemicals Austria is part of) and Patheon under DPx Holdings BV. Pharma Business consolidating under Patheon. Exclusive Synthesis and Intermediates Business (ESIM) is established under DPx Fine Chemicals ™.
1996 Chemie Linz GmbH is acquired by DSM and renamed  DSM Fine Chemicals Austria GmbH & Co KG.
1987 Restructuring as Chemie Holding AG with independent subsidiaries: Chemie Linz GmbH, Agrolinz GmbH, CL-Pharma AG and Chemserv GmbH
1983 Start of pyridate production including formulation
1980 Entrance into fine chemical market with derivatives of maleic anhydride
1970s Diversification into industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and polymer compounds
1945 Site ownership and administration transferred to Republic of Austria after the war under the name of “Austrian Nitrogen Industries”
1939 Linz site established as Stickstoffwerke AG to manufacture nitrogen-based fertilizers