Extreme Conditions

Advanced catalysis, oxidation, reduction and metallo-organic reactions can require extreme heat, cold or pressure conditions to reach targeted selectivity and speed. ESIM Chemicals makes it possible for you to develop, optimize and safely perform these complex reactions at plant scale.

We are experts in the handling of potentially hazardous materials under extreme conditions at all scales, including strong oxidants, halogenating agents, alkylating agents, reactive monomers and highly reactive gases. Not only does this expertise expand your range of possible reactions, it allows you to mitigate risks by reducing hazardous inventory through a more efficient synthesis.

With ESIM Chemicals you’ll have access to:

  • Standard and custom-designed equipment
  • Development and production capabilities
  • Decades of experience in hazardous materials handling
  • Extreme process windows for optimal productivity
  • Processes and facilities held to the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental responsibility

The reactions that extreme conditions make possible open the door to opportunities for genuine differentiation from your competition. With European-based ESIM Chemicals as your proven strategic partner, you can pursue these opportunities with confidence.

Kilo Laboratory

The two-story ESIM Chemicals kilo laboratory enables syntheses in 30 L to 80 L glass reactors. Distillation (rectification), continuous extraction and filtration using hastelloy suction filters are also performed, making this unique facility suitable for the non-GMP manufacture of your kilogram samples.