ESIM Chemicals

Project Management

You and your organization have invested your time, money and vision into the product that you have entrusted to ESIM Chemicals™. While nobody knows process development and manufacturing better than us, nobody knows your product, customers, business and industry better than you. Project management is the conduit through which our mutual expertise combines and flows into your product, feeding its chances for success.

Our formal project management process ensures that physical, financial and human resources are effectively utilized, schedules and budgets are met and changes are clearly communicated and correctly executed. In short, your project manager will be integral in facilitating every aspect of your project:

  • Screening and business feasibility
  • Tech transfers
  • Process familiarization and development
  • Formal decision-making support
  • Risk management
  • Establishment and management of timelines
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Registration and validation
  • Stability testing
  • Support for regulatory filings

Project managers at ESIM Chemicals are required to be senior experts with several years of industry experience, and to have earned a university degree in chemistry or chemical engineering. Your project manager will serve as your key point of contact with your technical team:

  • Lead chemist and lab technicians
  • Analytical chemist and lab technicians
  • Chemical engineer
  • QA / regulatory affairs manager
  • Experts from any other disciplines that your project requires