ESIM Chemicals

Analytical Development

Repeatable quality has, in part, made ESIM Chemicals™ one of the world’s leading contract develop and manufacturing organizations for fine chemicals. Our high quality is made possible by exceptional analytical capabilities. The ESIM Chemicals analytical development team will support your project at every phase with a comprehensive array of services:

  • Analytical Method development (raws, process, intermediates, products, cleaning)
  • Analytical R&D support (ISO and GMP requirements, PAR studies, cleaning levels)
  • Structure elucidation
  • Impurity tracking
  • Characterization of reference standards
  • Analytical method validation
  • Production support
  • Stability testing, including forced degradation studies

No matter what your project, ESIM Chemicals has all the analytical tools and know-how you require:

  • HPLC with a variety of detection possibilities (VWD, DAD, RID, CAD)
  • GC equipped with HS, SSL, COC injectors and FID and TCD
  • Structure elucidation equipment – NMR, HPLC ion trap MS, GC quadrupole MS, FTIR (ATR, KBr, film, gas), UV/VIS photometer
  • GPC equipped with RID, DAD, light scattering detection, ion chromatography with conductivity and electrochemical detection
  • Ion chromatography with conductivity and electrochemical detection
  • PSD via time of flight and light scattering
  • "Wet” analytical technology (turbidity, color number, titrations, potentiometric and coulometric water by KF, sulphated ash, residue on ignition, loss on drying, residue on evaporation, conductivity, etc.)
  • Contracts with approved laboratories for bioanalysis, metal traces and crystal structures

At ESIM Chemicals, the quality of your product will be high and stay high thanks to rock-solid precision in analytical development.