Mission & Values

ESIM Chemicals™ is a leading global provider of high-quality agricultural and crop protection chemicals, intermediates, and maleic anhydride tree chemicals. While our primary focus is partnering with companies in the custom synthesis of their unique compounds, we also offer a portfolio of fine chemical products critical to multiple industries. All development and manufacturing is performed at state-of-the-art facilities in Europe.

Reliability and Capacity to Meet the Needs of the Largest Companies

Our customers include some of the largest global conglomerates. Time and again, these companies put their trust in ESIM Chemicals due to our exceptional ability to deliver high-quality products while reliably meeting volume and timeline targets.

Experience and Capabilities to Drive Emerging Companies

We are also a valued resource to start-up companies that require a highly experienced and capable strategic partner. We are proud of our 70-plus year legacy of transforming breakthrough ideas into scalable supplies of high-quality fine chemical products and intermediates.

For emerging companies, a strategic partnership with ESIM Chemicals instantly provides you with world-class expertise and capabilities in all aspects of process development and manufacturing. You’ll have access to a broad range of technical resources to meet the specific needs of your molecule and process at every stage. You’ll work directly with some of the industry’s most respected experts. You’ll be able to achieve your goals in a responsive and flexible collaborative environment.

Dedicated to Innovation

At ESIM Chemicals, we are in pursuit of the latest knowledge, innovative processes and new technologies to escalate quality and efficiency – not just at the beginning of your project, but every day we work together.

Committed to Your Success

Our mission is to maximize the value of your product with the fine-tuned application of leading-edge science and the best technical resources. Quality, reliability, compliance, safety and responsibility - at ESIM Chemicals these values are the foundation of success – ours and yours.